Recommended Places

If you are on a visit to Nigeria, or you live in Nigeria but need inspiration on where to go to have some fun, then keep reading.


  1. The Charcoal The charcoal bar and grill is my favourite spot, it is a restaurant with a nice view of Wuse II. The food is great and I recommend the prawn salad and a nice cold beer. Address 
  2. The Trukadero Place is a bowling joint in Abuja. It offers a very nice bowling experience for first timers and it is located in Wuse 2, the heartbeat of Abuja. The Trukadero Place also has a mini amusement park for kids and a Chinese, African and Continental restaurant.
  3. Skylounge Night Club this is another popular lounge, expats love this place for one. Address
  4. Caramelo Lounge: If you are of the stripper persuasion. Address
  5. For shopping: Dunes, Shoprite, Jabi Lake Mall , Apo Novare Mall, Garki Market, Wuse Market, Banex Plaza and Ceddi Plaza.


  1. The View Bar

The View bar at the Radisson is a perfect spot to have a drink by the coast in a safe and serene environment when you are in Lagos.

2. Freedom Park

A perfect spot for music lovers. It used to be a prison back in the colonial days but has been transformed into a magnificent park with lots of live Music.


3. Bottles Rerstaurant

Is a nice restaurant suited for group hangouts. It is open from 11am to 11pm through the week and is highly recommended if you are on the Island.


4. Terrakulture

Is a very nice contemporary arts and culture centre, it also has a wonderful restaurant. I recommend eating yam porridge and peppered snail with a cold bottle or beer.


5. The New Afrika Shrine

If you visit Nigeria and do not visit the Fela Shrine then the gods will be very very angry with you, VISIT!


6. Utopia Restaurant:

Trendy restaurant will a more european based menu, Utopia is generally a nice Place to visit for quality of food and service.


Plateau State:

  1. Riyom Rock

For a list of recommended things to do in Nigeria throughout the year we have chosen not to re-invent the wheel so please click on- TripAdvisor for more information 🙂



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